Zhoelala Milano is not just a sandal!

It is also a story of a product we have seen, tested and imagined for women of every age, who love original and colorful look and appreciate comfort, but cannot give up looking good.

This story was born in Milano, the city of fashion and opportunity.
There’s everything but the beach.

And you know, a summer shoe with no beach is a lovely, yet not so convincing idea.

Zhoelala Milano is then versatility.
Funny summer shoes that can adapt to various occasions: a summer walk, an elegant evening event, a pool side drink and, surely an easy style day at the beach or, for the most fashion addicted, you can wear it at an exclusive lounge bar.

Versatility means comfort too.
Zhoelala Milano sandals stand out for the excellent material: they are made with a special rubber, light yet resistant, which grants amazing softness.
What about design? Zhoelala Milano combines pleasant patterns with glamorous colors.

Cool and funny accessory for those who love to dare and live their own style with a hint of irony.

A sandal that becomes shoe, available in many colors and models, that can be easily worn, saving time to change your outfit.

Zhoelala Milano: quality & design in lots of colors!

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