Shipments and costs
7.1 The Orders will be shipped and delivered, by courier, to the address specified by
the customer in the process of compiling the Order, no later than thirty (30) days from
acceptance of the Order.
7.2 For each Order, Seller shall issue regular transport document of Products shipped.
The transport document shall contain the information provided by the customer during
the purchase process.
After issuing the transport document, no changes can be made to the data therein.
7.3 The shipping costs will be displayed, along with the other costs related to the
purchase, at the end of the purchase process and before payment.
7.4 Upon delivery, the customer is required to verify the products to determine
compliance with his order.
Any anomalies (such as, by way of example and not exhaustive, tampering, damaged
package, damage to the products, lack of products or discrepancy between the
Products ordered and those received or deviations of these with respect to what is
stated in the transport document) must be immediately and specifically noted in
writing on the delivery document issued by the carrier and signed by the customer.
7.5 The Vendor can not be held responsible for mistakes in delivery, due to inaccuracy
or incompleteness in filling in the Order by the Customer;
7.6 The customer can track the status of fulfillment of his own Order, by going to
“Customer Area” of the site, with the credentials generated at registration.

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