Shoes are important and the right fit is even more!
So here are our tips to find the perfect size for you:
– use the pedometer (which you can download here) and print it in A4 format, by removing the “Fit to Page” option or choosing “Custom 100%”, so that it is printed in its actual size;
– standing put your heel at the hatch and keep the foot flat on the drawn footprint, making sure that it adheres well to the sheet;
– then delimits the ends of the foot (longer heel and finger, which is not always the toe) with a pen or a marker (the important thing is to use something that has a clearly visible stretch) and measures the impression obtained with a ruler;
– to the length you’ve drawn, always add between 5 and 8 mm to accurately define your size. Compare the measurements obtained with those in the table and find the right size for you;
– do the same with the other foot, as it can often happen that the feet are not exactly the same. If it is longer than one foot in relation to the other, consider the largest measure in choosing the number.
We must point out that the footwear of our sandals is slightly reduced, so with respect to the measure you usually wear, we always suggest choosing a larger size.



EUUSUKFoot Size (cm)


Of course this table has a mere indicative value and can not take into account some variables, such as the height of the neck or the particular width of the foot.
Where it should be, it is good to take into account previous experiences.
For example, in the presence of a particularly large foot plant, it is advisable to opt for a larger number than the resulting table, and so on.

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