People see madness in my colorful liveliness

and can’t see the madness in their boring normality!

How often do people judge by their monotonous existence considering “strange” everything that does not fit into the usual aesthetic canons? Who said that because this has always been done, we must continue to do the same, when then everything in our lives teaches us that change is the only true certainty?

And then – at least sometimes – go to hell high heels, swollen ankles, tired calves and heavy legs and we wear something that is simply, wonderfully and uniquely beautiful and that we value, especially in summer where everything is really possible!

Girls, I’m talking about total flat sandals, those beautifully low and without heels that, in this summer 2019 have become a must and even the great brands have understood it proposing (at mind-boggling prices) their total flat sandals in the forms and in the most disparate colors.

We Zhoelaline know it well, so in our wardrobe at least two pairs of Zhoelala sandals should never be missing: one for the day and one for the evening, or, if you want, one for work and one for leisure.

Low sandals at work?

Of course yes! The heel makes you tired and sometimes, let’s say the truth, we can safely do without it, the important thing is the right outfit. A nice soft, fluttering blouse or sober trousers that end up on a pair of sandals that have a touch of elegance and originality can only make you special!

Bold … in your spare time!

Girls, it’s summer! If we are not daring at this time of year, then when? We know that Zhoelala sandals are comfortable, essential, elegant, but they can also make us bold and challenge fashion and circumstances. Whether it’s an afternoon with friends or an aperitif in the city, we make every moment memorable with intrepid, daring combinations that make us unique!

The important thing is to always associate the right look: that it is total jeans, perfect for urban style, perhaps adding some folk quotes to always be original. Or you can think of floral outfits or skinny pants, in this case the blue or red sandals are ideal, but we always leave you the pleasure of choosing the match that you like best because, remember the words of the Mad Hatter: “People see the madness in my colorful vivacity but can’t see the madness in their boring normality!”


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